Home Videotape Transfers

Videotapes Are Failing

Home format videotapes are not lasting as long as once thought.  The tapes are damaged by humidity and the wrap layers of tape stick together.  Hi8, 8mm and Digital-8 long length tapes are especially susceptible to the problem.  Also, the cameras needed to play back those tapes are fast becoming obsolete or unrepairable. 


Highest Quality Transfers

To preserve the highest picture quality, the maximum time we will put onto one DVD is 120 minutes.  It is possible to put more onto one DVD, but the picture quality is noticably degraded by the higher compression of the video.  If your material extends beyond 120 minutes, there will be a charge for the additional DVDs needed to hold your movies.  We make direct transfers from videotape to DVD with a single DVD menu chapter for each tape.  Fast-forward jump points are included at approximately 5-minute intervals so that you can advance through the DVD by pressing the Forward button on your DVD remote.


Sorry, but we cannot provide editing or "picking through a tape" to extract discontinuous parts of the tape.  In general, only the whole tape, end to end, is transferred.  However, if part of the tape is unused (such as, say, there is only 30 minutes of video on a 120-minute capacity tape), we only transfer the 30 minutes of actual material on the tape.


Transfers to digital file such as on an external hard drive are also available.  Contact us for details.


Prices: Home Format Videotape to DVD






Non-profit and Museum Pricing

We offer special pricing for non-profits, schools, museums, libraries, etc.  Please contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss how we can customize our service and pricing for your organization.

Price per tape, regardless of length
Price per DVD disc & packaging
as needed (2-Hr maximum each)
Minimum price for total job